Frequently asked questions:

Safe Driving Scheme Knowledge Base

You will usually receive your vehicle stickers 5 – 7 working days after you have been invoiced, please allow an additional 2-3 days for large orders and duplicates.

Unlimited real time  incident reports to the subscribers email address.


1-10 vehicles, subscription costs are  £10.00 per vehicle, per year.

11-49  vehicles, subscription costs are  £8.00 per vehicle, per year.

50-99 vehicles, subscription costs are  £7.00 per vehicle, per year.

100-149 vehicles, subscription costs are  £6.00 per vehicle, per year.

If you have 150 vehicles or more, please contact us for further discounts!

The above subscriptions include unlimited real time incident and compliment reports and annual summary reports.

Year 1, there is a one off set up fee which includes your sticker with unique vehicle id printed on full colour vinyl laminated and contour cut, ,UK postage and account set up – This is charged at £5.00 per vehicle.

Year two onwards will be subscription fee only this is based on the renewal fee at the prevailing rate, in the event of a price increase you will be notified at renewal.

We guarantee we will be cheaper than our competitors offering a like for like scheme!

Your premiums will not automatically reduce when you join the Safe Driving Scheme, however through effective risk management and safer driving the frequency and severity of incidents occurring should reduce in time.

If your company is lower risk your insurance premiums will therefore remain low.

We recommend you contact your existing insurance supplier to find out more.

By keeping your drivers informed of your long term intentions and identifying the benefits of joining such a scheme.

Existing employees will be apprehensive about the Safe Driving Scheme as they will presume the scheme offers no benefits to them, it is therefore highly recommended you point out the benefits using the scheme and emphasis this is not a means of spying on your drivers.

We recommend the sticker is mounted in an unobstructed visible location, usually on the rear of the vehicle.


You will receive an electronic invoice approximately 1 month prior to your expiry, please arrange payment in order to keep the scheme active for a further year.
If you would prefer not to renew you must cancel in writing no later than 7 days after receiving your renewal and must remove the Safe Driving Scheme sticker and any duplicates from each vehicle at the end of your expiry.

Of course, the scheme eliminates your internal staff from taking calls from members of the public during working hours.

The scheme also helps transport managers better manage recorded incidents as well as keeping an audit of previous incidents.

By default  primary and secondary account holders receive incident reports.

Further additional recipients can be added upon requests, please contact us for further information.

Yes, providing the reason you wish to add is appropriate we will add your reason to the incident or compliment form.

Please contact us for further information.

Our standard Safe Driving? sticker  is approximately 8″ wide, accommodating most  vans, trailers and lorry’s.

Other sizes are available upon request, please contact us for further information.

There are disadvantages to telematic schemes, fast, high mileage drivers who spend 90 minutes traveling at rush hour each day are likely to have nothing to gain from them, for those who underestimate their annual mileage or who’s driving patterns change during the year there is uncertainty of how much you insurance will cost.

If the analysed information shows examples of poor driving such as fast cornering then your insurance premiums could increase.

Telematics wont tell you when:

  • Employees are smoking in company vehicles.
  • Litter has been thrown from company vehicles.
  • An external fault has been found with a vehicle.
  • A vehicle has been incorrectly parked or blocking access.

The Safe Driving Scheme will!


Once you receive your stickers you can register your vehicles, after this the scheme will be activated.

To make things a little easier we also have an Excel import, send us the information back and we will import into our systems! Contact us for further information.

Replacement stickers can be ordered, these are priced at £5.00 each including P&P and can be ordered here.

Please note you will be issued with a new unique vehicle number, we will amend existing data records accordingly, your existing vehicle number will become obsolete, as a consequence reports can no longer be submitted using your old vehicle number.

The account owner will be invoiced and your replacement will be sent to the owners address.

To avoid condoning the use of mobile phones whilst driving and to offer cost effective subscriptions we don’t use call centres.

Instead we have a friendly url and our incident forms are quick and easy to populate.


We occasionally receive reports from members of the public using vehicle registrations instead of unique vehicle numbers, when this happens and to trace the vehicle back to your account it is therefore easier if we have this information.

Registering each vehicle within your fleet also allows us to provide additional information on your summary reports making your reports easier to digest.

The information we hold is kept securely and will not be disclosed to third parties.

We offer duplicate stickers, retaining your existing vehicle ID, these are ideal for trailers.

Each duplicate costs £5.00 each including P&P.

Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 10.

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.