Scheme benefits

The benefits joining the Safe Driving Scheme will bring to your company:

Joining the Safe Driving Scheme demonstrates your companies commitment to road safety as well as saving you time and money. Not only will you save money on your insurance premiums, you will also experience a reduction in fuel and bent metal costs as well as a reduction in management expenses as your team are less likely to be dealing with accidents and traffic offenses.

You will already be aware you are responsible for the safety of your drivers, joining the Safe Driving Scheme demonstrates your commitment to managing road safety.

If you would like examples of any of the below benefits please contact us – we are here to help!

benefitEliminate personal use. benefitEmployer peace of mind.
benefitIncrease reputation. benefitReduce fuel costs.
benefitReduce insurance premiums. benefitReduce incidents.
benefitReduce vehicle repairs. benefitUnlimited reports via email.
benefitFree data amendments. benefitShows duty of care.
benefitReduces internal interruptions. benefitImproves skill level.
benefitBespoke software solutions. benefitUnique vehicle numbers.
benefitEasy online sign up. benefitHigh availability servers.