We're a UK, Yorkshire company with a passion for safety, our aim is simple - to reduce the amount of incidents and educate drivers by providing a simple and cost effective road safety sticker scheme.

Our How's my driving vehicle badge transport monitoring solution is ideal for small to medium size companies who have an interest in road safety and who are keen to reduce maintenance and running costs with a potential reduction to your annual insurance premiums.

We believe you as an employer have the right to know how your company vehicles are being driven. The Safe Driving Scheme provides you with all the tools to monitor and record feedback.

You will see our decal on all UK roads, on the rear of commercial vehicles including small vans to large HGV and trailers.

Research has found those who know they are driving a vehicle with the Safe Driving Scheme sticker automatically drive more safely in order to not draw any complaints, vehicles displaying the sticker are involved in 22% fewer incidents and result in a 52% reduction in incident related costs.

Reduce telephone interruptions during the day allowing you to carry out your findings at a more convenient time for you and your business.

You have a responsibility to ensure your company employs safe drivers, the Safe Driving Scheme can help meet that obligation.

Use quick quote for an instant no obligatory quote or contact us - we're one of the cheapest how's my driving type fleet solutions around!

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The Safe Driving Team

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