Is your fleet winter ready?

Top tips from the Safe Driving Team to keep you moving during the winter months!


• Keep your fuel level above half, failure to do so leaves you at risk of breaking down in vulnerable places.
• Ensure lights are working and lenses are kept clean, this maintains good visibility to other road users.
• Ensure you have enough screen wash, keeping it topped up with the correct ratio of water and screen wash.
• Wiper blades should be free from splits and not worn to avoid smears or lines when wiping, this improve visibility during heavy rain or snow.
• Perform regular checks on all fluid levels.
• Ensure your tyres have enough tread, the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm.
• Ensure your tyres are the correct pressure for the time of year according to the manufactures recommendations.


• A warm coat or blanket
• A torch, either with spare batteries or a wind up type.
• A shovel
• A ice scraper
• De-icer
• A mobile phone – fully charged or with a in car charger
• Some food or drink.
• Suitable footwear in case you need to walk
• Any essential medication if you regularly need it.
• Spare money