Quick & easy.
Immediate investigation.
Log a new incident.
Compliment a driver.
Read our report guide.
Anonymous reports.

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Reduce interruptions.
Raise driver awareness.
Monitor and record fleet.
Unique vehicle ID's.
Real time incidents.
Reduce office interruptions.

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Reduce insurance.
Reduce fuel costs.
Improve brand image.
Real-time reports.
Shows duty of care.
Easy online sign up.

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1-10 vehicles £10.
11-49 vehicles £8.
50-99 vehicles £7.
100 + vehicles £6.
Price per vehicle per year.
Initial setup £5 per vehicle.


"You will see our Safe Driving? sticker on all UK roads. Look out for it on the rear of commercial vehicles including small vans to large HGV and trailers"

"We're a UK, Yorkshire based company with a passion for safety. Our aim is simple - to reduce the amount of incidents and educate drivers by providing a simple and cost effective how's my driving road safety sticker scheme"

"We believe you as an employer have the right to know how your company vehicles are being driven. The Safe Driving Scheme provides you with all the tools required to monitor this by providing a simple how's my driving solution"